Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Revenge So Sweet

Chapter 3 Excerpt
"Huh, I can't place it but somehow I think I know him." Morgan looked confused himself. As he was getting ready to ask Krystal about her important news, a vision hit him. He could see himself laying on the ground. There was blood all around his body lots of it. It appeared that most of it was coming form the bag over his head. As he focused on the vision, he could see a man standing over him laughing. The man started kicking him in the head over and over. This was the same man from the vision at the hospital. When the man was done kicking him in the head and body he knelt down and checked his pulse. He heard the man say, "Yea, this fucking bitch is dead." Then the man started laughing again. Morgan heard another man yell, "No fucking shit, Sherlock. He was dead before you started playing with him. Now get your ass over here, Jimmy Boy. We need your lighter." As the man referred to as 'Jimmy Boy' started to walk away Morgan got a clearer vision of him. It was the man who had just walked by the window.
"Hey, Morgan, Morgan, Morgan." Krystal said trying to get his attention.
Morgan shook his head clearing away the vision. "Yes, Krystal. What?" He was looking at her with weird look.