Sunday, August 12, 2012

Revenge So Sweet

Follow along in this action packed drama thriller, as Morgan K. Wright, an underground cage fighter known as Kane, seeks revenge on the members of a local mob. These six men were responsible for the attack that put him in a coma for six months, and the rape and murder of his wife, Sara.
After waking up out of the coma, the doctors were reluctant to let Morgan leave. It wasn't until Morgan's good friend and agent, John, had came to visit that Morgan had any hope of getting out of the hospital. Working his magic, John successfully got the doctors to finally oblige Morgan's request.
While he was still in the hospital, Morgan had started seeing visions that showed him pieces from the attack. Every time he has a vision, it reveals a little more than before. Aided by these visions, once released from the hospital and learning of his wife's brutal murder, Morgan sets out on his path for revenge. As Morgan progresses on his path, he discovers that he has gained some strange abilities: never needing to sleep, healing quickly, and he was faster and stronger than before. With his new abilities, Morgan started working his way through the mob. With every enemy he takes out, Morgan grows a little stronger, heals a little quicker, and slightly dampens his hunger for revenge.
Along the way, Sara's best friend, Krystal, attempts to give Morgan some important news about the attack. Morgan gets too tied up in his quest for revenge, standing Krystal up every time they try to meet. When they finally do meet, Krystal is furious with Morgan and finally tells him how she truly feels about him. When he asks for the news, she makes him a proposition he has no choice but to take. Devastated by the news he got from Krystal, Morgan seeks out the sole person responsible for the attack.

Coming late August early September 2012.

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